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Camorino Constructions are a West Australian home building company specialising in insulated concrete forms (ICF) construction. As a small volume builder, we are dedicated to building quality homes of the highest standard.


An ICF home built by Camorino provides many of the essential elements that today’s homeowner is looking for – style, excellent indoor environmental quality (IEQ), energy efficiency and disaster resistance. 


We build using Thermacell ICF systems that are precision manufactured, double insulated and steel reinforced concrete walls. The result is a strong, superior wall assembly that outperforms double brick and timber frame construction on all counts.


ICF homes are built to last and are the perfect choice for the discerning homeowner looking to build a perfectly engineered designer home.

Technology for the modern luxury home

What is Thermacell ICF?

It’s a stronger, faster built & more energy efficient home.


It’s relaxing in the quiet comfort of your modern home knowing that you have purchased proven quality and a way of living. Thermacell’s Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is being rapidly adopted around Australia for it’s superior performance and can make your home up to 40% more energy efficient and resilient than traditional building systems.

Proven strength and performance

This type of wall form delivers advanced strength, thermal and acoustic properties that far exceeds any other building system. It is used in homes, high rise buildings, commercial, industrial and even some military applications.


In addition, a Camorino built ICF home includes internal brick walls and double glazed windows, giving you extra strength and comfort.


Thermacell ICF has been designed to ensure ease of use and structural integrity for every building need.

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Sustainably designed & engineered for better value

Building an ICF home saves energy, money and improves safety and comfort for all

Energy efficiency

The reinforced steel and concrete core inside ICF walls, provide extreme strength and durability all sandwiched between highly insulated & dense panels of EPS foam. Anywhere from 85% to 90% of heating and cooling costs are eliminated, when compared to other uninsulated building systems. So there’s no more need to run your air conditioner all day long in summer or heater in winter!

Unparalleled comfort

The insulated concrete walls are protected not just from the heat and cold, but also noise, pollution and mother nature itself. Providing the ultimate in indoor comfort, you will improve your home’s performance by eliminating moisture intrusion, managing airflow and ensuring accurate climate control. ICF homes don’t suffer from drafts and cold spots, which often occur in conventional construction.


ICF homes have an STC rating of 48, which means any external noise is almost non-existent especially if you combine ICF and double glazing. No matter where you live you won’t have to worry about noisy neighbours, busy streets, trains, planes and other outside disturbances ever again!

Strength against the elements

The core of ICF walls is reinforced concrete. This provides extremely strong walls to support almost any concept or design. It is proven to withstand the forces of nature such as cyclones, fire, impacts from debris and any other natural disasters life may throw at your home.

Unlimited external finishing’s

ICF walls provide you with a wide range of architectural finishing’s to ensure you achieve the stylish look you desire. Externally, they are generally finished with acrylic texture coat, but external cladding such as timber or stone, feature tiles and feature brickwork can also be used.

Lifetime of savings

The benefits stack up! Building with ICF is the proven way to build a more energy efficient home, providing far greater value than traditional double brick walls or insulated timber frame walls. When it comes to construction costs the savings achieved in a lifetime through energy efficiency are far superior.

Why build with ICF?

Why you should build with ICF?

ICF ( Insulated Concrete Formwork) homes are stronger and also outperform double brick and timber frame homes both thermally and acoustically. Thermacell Blocks have an R-rating of 3.1

The thermal rating (RValue) of a double brick wall is 0.50. That’s a huge 520% difference.  


Have you ever noticed how the external walls in a double brick home get super hot in summer and super cold in winter? Trying to reverse this effect can cost a lot in energy bills and it really is just a never ending battle. This isn’t really an issue with ICF walls because of the 2 x layers of insulation as well as the concrete core keeping the elements out.  


Timber frame homes on the other hand are better than double brick for thermal performance but are nowhere near as strong as ICF. Timber frame homes also have the added issue of having rodents and other insects living in between the stud frame walls and the insulation in between. 


For these reasons (and many others) Camorino choose to build with ICF as it is simply stronger and offers benefits that traditional old school building methods can’t compete with.

Does ICF cost more than Double brick or timber frame?

ICF construction costs a little more than double brick home to build but over time that initial investment is repaid via lower energy costs as well as increased resale value. In saying that though the final cost of a home can depend on many factors such as fixtures and finishes and site costs to name a few.


As a guide it would cost approx $15-20k more to build a stock standard 4×2 with ICF walls instead of building with double brick. That’s not a large cost difference considering the premium product value of ICF construction.

Build with WA’s most trusted ICF home builder

Our expertise is second to none

As WA’s leading ICF home builder, our aim is to build every home as if it were our own. 


Email us your plans or let our designer create something truly special for you. We’ll assess your block, organise all council and engineering approvals, including any other documentation necessary to begin building.


Along with the integrity of materials, the reliability of construction and exceptional standard of craftsmanship, a home built with Camorino is an outstanding investment for life.

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