Our Design & Construction Process

A bit of information about our process.

After an initial free consultation we will enter into a PPA contract with you. A deposit of $3700 is paid & we will arrange a meeting with our building designer who will work with you on  a conceptual design for  the build, taking into account local council planning requirements, your design brief and site conditions on your land .


We will  continue to  process the  design to  suit your budget and Aesthetic goal.


Once the concept has been signed off on by you, our designer will  prepare a 3D  walkthrough. 

Based on this design we will provide you with an  itemised construction budget.

From here we will enter into a 2nd PPA and a 2% deposit is paid based on the construction estimate total. We will submit plans to council for Development Approval (DA). DA can take up to 3 months so during this time we can finalise all product selections e.g. kitchen fittings and fixtures.


Upon receipt of council DA approved plans Camorino will organise construction issue drawings, engineering as well as all other statutory requirements all the way through to the building permit. 


At this point we can process the home indemnity insurance docs and enter into a building contract. All prior payments for the PPA docs will be credited to the building contract. 

At receipt of the building permit from council we will begin to schedule in the construction works and site orders and then begin construction on your new Camorino ICF home.